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Fred Loggia, Dennis Tillberg & Dinosaur Friend at the World's Fair
Hurricane Carol, 1954. This is Woodbine Avenue, showing the east side of the street (behind Skippers). From left to right...........just part of the building is visible by the telephone pole which was the barber shop, which allegedly ran numbers. The very next store is McBride's Stationery, where it was well known that you could place a bet.  You can see the sign in the window for cigars. Then comes the liquor store, then, the "infamous" Woodbine Twinith" which was really called the "Woodbine Restaurant."  You can see the vertical sign on the building which says "Restaurant".  The car in the photo is parked directly in front of the Woodbine Twinith.
1963 - BrownieTroop #125

TBD Leader, Gay Huber (Flag bearer), Donna Bettineschi, Katie Steuer, TBD,TBD, TBD, Elissa Allan, Pattie Gaenzler, Sue Ryan, Sue Ryan's Mom (Leader), Sue Ghoreyeb, Jennifer Eiser